Requirements for Filing a Design Application

1. A full set of formal drawings or photographs of the article of design

2. Explanation of the design, including an indication of the material or materials used to produce the article, objective(s) of the design, use(s) of the article, and any novel elements

3. The full name, address, and nationality of the applicant; if the applicant is a company, the full name and official title of its representative and the legal address of the company headquarters

4. The full name, address, and nationality of the creator of the design article

5. An executed Power of Attorney signed by the applicant or the representative of the applicant company

6. Priority Certificate of the home application, specifically including the filing date, filing number, and the country where filed (when claiming convention priority).

Drawing Guidelines

A full set of drawings/photographs for filing a design application consists various views of the article of design, illustrating in detail each of the six directional views, i.e., front, rear, top, bottom, left side, and right side, plus a perspective view; "a state of use view" is included where necessary. In the drawings (or photographs), please note the following guidelines:

A4-sized white paper is preferred, with appropriate margins (approximately 2cm).

There shall be no indications of shading (e.g., hatch lines or gray-scale coloring) nor any lettering (e.g., legends or labels).

Only lines showing clearly the shape and/or pattern of the design article shall be included.

Photographs should be taken from approximately the same distance from the article, to provide for a consistent scale, and must be void of any markings or notations.

Drawings or photographs may be in black-and-white or in color, depending on the protection desired.