Requirements for Filing a Trademark Application

1. At least one trademark specimen* executed clearly; for word marks, a simple indication of the trademark in text form.

2. A specification of the goods and/or services to be designated in the application, i.e., a list of the goods/services according to the International Classification System (NICE) (multiple-class applications are permissible)

3. The full name, address, and nationality of the applicant if the applicant is a company, the full name and official title of its representative (the Power-of-Attorney signed) and the legal address of the company's headquarters

4. An executed Power of Attorney, i.e., a Power form signed by the applicant or the representative of the applicant company, and

5. Priority Certificate of the home application, specifically including the filing date, filing number, and the country where filed (only when claiming convention priority**).

* - Regarding the specimen (sample), any manageable size will be satisfactory, but a print less than 8cm-by-8cm in size is preferred, and a negative or a color plate may be used instead of a print. Although just one specimen will satisfy local filing needs, it is often helpful to have additional copies on hand.

** - When filing an application claiming priority, the specification of goods/services must be within the scope of the home application, and the trademark specimen must be identical with that of the home application.